Pr.Ani George was born as the fifth and youngest child of Shri.P.V George and Smt.Ammini George,Kandamkulathu house in a traditional Marthoma family at Naranganam in Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta district. Until the age of 21 he lived without knowing jesus.The frequent deaths, tragedies & disasters in his house were the cause of his encounter with Jesus. Following the death of his mother and brother his father felt ill and soon was in a sinking stage. All hopes are abandoned as medical service was helpless and his days were numbered.

By the grace of god, a young evangelist came to their home and prayed for his father. As soon as the prayer was about to finish, he got healed. This miraculous incident transformed Ani George tremendously. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior then and there at the age of 21.The following he was announced by the Holy Spirit and subsequently received faith baptism. From that day onwards he started witnessing Jesus Christ in his very home village where he had been living without Jesus till then and hearing his testimony many got saved.

Pr.Ani George studied the word of God at Calvary Bible College, Pathanapuram & Hebron Bible College, Kumbanad and committed himself to full time ministry. He started a church in his home town and subsequently the church grew into five branches. For ten years Ani George served as the ordained pastor of IPC and he handled over the church he brought up to IPC and started a ministry in Idukki district for 10 years as guided by Holy Spirit. He planted twenty branches of church in the district of Idukki and came to Kottayam guided by divine vision he had while in his prayer.

The Jesus Voice Fellowship which he started in a house grew into a big church where thousands worship today. Now Jesus Voice church has branches in Kottayam, Muvatupuzha, Palakkad, Kumili, Coimbatore, Mundakayam, Thiruvalla, Kuwait, Mysore and Australia. Moreover Pr.Ani George is ministering in foreign countries like Dubai, Muscat, Saudi, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and so on. He is being mighty used by the Holy Spirit in these places.


The main support to this spiritual growth is his life partner Jessy Ani George, the daughter of Shri. M.J Joseph & Smt. Annamma Joseph, Thekketundiyil house, Karuveliyil at Kozhencherry of Pathanamthitta Dist. They were married on 26th Nov. 1992, Jessy Ani George is a person dedicated to the cause of the gospel of our head. They are blessed with two children one daughter and a son. The daughter, Keziya Ani George has completed his Engineering Degree course and son Kenaz Ani George is a student of Std. X.

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