The church declares only the full gospel truth and believes in the Holy Trinity of Father-Son and Holy Spirit. The word of God is serve to those who come to church accepting Christ as the personal saviour after the renewal of their minds. After the faith baptism, they are trained to lead a Holy life by being partners in the Holy Communion and the church, which upholds Christ as the only saviour and teaches that only through Jesus Christ we get eternal redemption, heavenly peace and heaven.

Our church is committed to the great commission. We are looking forward to share the good views of our living God with as many people. We welcome the maximum members into the fellowship of our church in living together in the name of living Christ.

To develop people to spiritual growth and maturity through the preaching of the world of God through Bible Studies, Cottage Prayers, Seminars and retreats and small group prayers to love the living God with Mind and Soul. They have to bear in loving others and praising and worshipping God so as to make them fruitful by all means with God’s love, discipline and empower them to pray and preach the world of God.

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